Well, hi there.

Hi, world. I’m Alex.

I feel like this is an awkward first date. Sorry. Once the first date’s out of the way though, it’ll just get easier, and before long we’ll be great friends. I’m still trying to work out this website though. It’s pretty different from facebook.

I suppose anything is possible online, right? I mean, Meg and Tom found each other with the Internet- twice. If that’s not fated and tired, I don’t know what is. But they’re cute.  I hope that it’s possible to use the internet to make my own dreams come true though. I always thought the idea of having a blog was romantic and out of my reach. I think it’s because Reggie on Rocket Power had her own “zine” and that sounded so cool to me. And yes, I know that a zine and a blog aren’t the same thing, but they’re close enough. But hey, hi, wordpress. You’re going to help me. I’ll help you, too. But you’re going to help me.

This blog will chronicle my journey through my last semester of high school (angst, suffocation, displacement, and everything else that comes with standing on the threshold of the rest of your life), the summer after, my freshman year of college at the University of Georgia, and whatever else I want to toss in, however long I want to keep this going. This is meant to serve as a sort of portfolio for my future, if you will. I want to work for National Public Radio. This blog will also document my developing (or not) career in that field. Wherever it will lead.

Well begun is half-done.

See you on the second date ;)


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