I am about to embark on arguably the busiest two weeks of my life. I’m not kidding. Between school, clubs, coordinating volunteer work, and scholarship deadlines, I am about to die. That being said, I set out this morning with the goal of getting work done while maintaining my sanity. I decided to go downtown to JudyBug’s Books, a local used bookstore. I just wanted to relax. It is a nice place to let those three cups of coffee work their way into my bloodstream. Let me tell you a little bit about my history with JudyBugs.

Two years ago I walked into JudyBug’s after hearing about it from a friend. I wanted a copy of Gone With the Wind. An old copy. I asked the man working if they had any in stock. He told me no, regretfully, they did not. But that they might have a copy in the back. And they did. It was a beautiful green 1960s hardcover version of the book. He gave it to me for free because it was in too bad of a condition to be sold (the pages were falling out and the binding was all over the place). I was thrilled nevertheless, and I rushed home to hot glue the whole mess together. The book is now sitting in my room. It’s not going anywhere.

I just really love the store. I love the shelves of yellowed books that line the walls from floor to ceiling, with the worn edges and worn smells. I love the music that is playing all the time. It’s such good music. Today, it was Sara Bareilles, I believe. It’s so comfortable and warm. I love the coffee tables stacked high and haphazardly with books, random books. Assorted books, like The Witch’s Spell-a-Day Almanac and America in Miniatures. Comic books and chess tables and torn leather chairs and a 70’s version of The Game of Life. I was reading through a book about Goya and I came across a note written in the front cover:



You should have read Truman Capote’s latest, because you are my own personal Holly Golightly-“

So, um. Beautiful.

I’m reading Nine Stories by J. D. Salinger right now, and I’m pretty lost in the symbolism.. if anyone has any ideas. I talked to Alek Ansley, the owner of JudyBug’s and he told me that I definitely need to read Franny and Zooey and then come back to Nine Stories. I guess it’ll explain it more. I sure hope so. I like Esme, though. I like her vocabulary.

But yes, happy Saturday! Here’s to independence and spontaneity.


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