“Believe” by Cher

The message of this song is pretty bitter: some chick gets screwed over by this guy she’s in love with and she’s trying to find herself in the aftermath. And I’ll admit, Cher kind of scares me. Her deep voice has always thrown me off and she’s so tall and her hair is so long.. I wouldn’t want to run into her in a dark alley.

Unless she was singing this song.

Because despite of how bitter this song is, and how scary Cher is, this song makes me so so SO happy. I can’t help wanting to turn this song onto full volume and dance wildly whenever I hear this. I’m not exaggerating. Sometimes I wish that I could just bury myself in songs like this. The scene of the club with the flashing lights in the video is exactly where I want to be. Inside this song.
It’s kind of ironic, I think, that the song’s meaning is so different from the way it makes me feel. I wonder why?
But I like it, man. So put on some headphones right now and turn that volume up to full and try not to move.


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