what is motivation?

Motivation (noun):

a feeling of drive and determination to do something. The source of motivation is often internal, but sometimes external factors contribute to this state. One might use this to accomplish significant tasks such as asking a member of the opposite sex on a date or losing 30 pounds. Motivation comes in large and small doses, depending on how powerful the source is and how desired the ultimate outcome is. Anyone can acquire motivation; it is fairly common, however most people unknowingly discard it among their dirty laundry or recyclables. If you are seeking motivation, begin your search at home: motivation hides in discreet locations, like inside your messy covers or the waistband of those too-tight skinny jeans. Finally, if you find that you have an excess supply of motivation, please do not apathetically let it go to waste: people everywhere suffer from motivation deficiency. Donate your excess motivation to those less fortunate than you.


2 responses to “what is motivation?

  1. nice description! motivation is definitely an internal thing and by all means we must share it once we have an excess : )

    have you seen the ‘drive’ video by dan pink? (you can check it on my blog). if so, you’ll have heard about the MAP, that is – mastery, autonomy, purpose.

    these are the intrinsic drivers of our true motivation. great stuff!

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