day 14 of college

I’m beginning my third week in Athens. I can’t say that I’ve found my place here yet; my classes are still in their introductory mode, the dining halls are unfamiliar, and I routinely find myself speeding faster and faster toward lost on the UGA and Athens Transit buses. I finally got my new bike two days ago, but I have yet to work up the courage to brave the massive and frequent hills of this tiny town. I pledged Pi Beta Phi last Monday and even though I wear their letters on my t-shirt, they don’t fully feel like home yet. I can only recognize about ten girls from the sorority, so I can’t say that it really feels like sisterhood yet. I know that with time I’ll settle myself into this new life, but I am slightly surprised at the amount of effort I still have to put in. I figured that as soon as my sneakers crunched the gravel at the University of Georgia, I would be home, but I’ve realized that this is still a new place with new people that I must acquaint myself with.

That being said, I’ve made myself incredibly busy already. With my high school lessons tucked into my pocket, I know better now than to wait until junior year to get involved with anything. But I’m having a very hard time resisting the urge to get involved in everything I see. I already have my job at Food Services that I work eight hours a week, my sorority, and my brand new note taking gig on top of my classes. I have a meeting with the UGA newspaper tomorrow and I want to get involved with the radio station as well. Someone should probably slap me now and tell me to freaking take a breather. I just really don’t want to be disappointed again in three years when I realize that I didn’t do nearly enough to deserve the credit that I so badly want. So dear reader, I’d like to introduce myself: I am Superwoman. My super-status went dormant for the summer but I’m back in action this semester, ready to dominate this southern town.


One response to “day 14 of college

  1. Dear Alex,

    So i miss you, and i completley stalked you. I read this post and was like…wrapped up in it. i didn’t come off focus once! that means that you should write a book, because i would read!! alright its 1 ocklock and i have a test in hampton tommorw. LOVE YOU!

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