Dan Savage’s “It Gets Better” Project

If there is any social cause out there that I have a passion for, this is it.

Billy Lucas was a 15 year old gay boy who was bullied to beyond his limit of tolerance and hanged himself. All because of stupid, homophobic, ignorant children in his high school who felt the need to target someone just because he was different. This kind of thing just makes me sick, not only for his family and friends who are suffering from such a horrible loss, but for Billy, and for all the kids out there who are like Billy, who are bullied and harassed and disregarded from the mainstream of their bigoted high schools just because they don’t fit the “norm.”

Dan Savage is my hero. He says all the time that straight people are in no position whatsoever to give advice to kids about how difficult it is coming out and dealing with society’s prejudices toward them, and I completely agree. As much as I wish I could reach out to Billy Lucas and tell him that everything would have been okay if he had just held on for a little bit longer, I have never, ever been in his shoes, and I have never experienced anything like that. I am no authority. But I can spread the word of helpful sources out there in hopes that another struggling LGBT teen will see it and be comforted in some way.

Dan Savage has started a youtube channel called “It Gets Better,” where LGBT adults post videos directed at kids who are confused, maybe trapped, and probably tormented in the captivity of their under-aged helplessness, who think that the bullying and the pain and the loneliness is all their lives will ever be. These videos are proof that if you just hold on, it will get better.



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