Being newly single has its perks, as I knew it would. I’ve become more acquainted with my beautiful Ikea duvet cover, spending more time lying in bed reading than I have in a long while. I am also forcing myself (through my diary writing freshman seminar) to examine the things in life that make me happy. The little things, I mean. The things that will cheer up even the worst of days and add a bit of texture to an otherwise bland life.

So without further ado,

The List of Cheery Everyday Occurrances

Crinkled paper, claddagh ring, Vision Video, curly hair, tan lines, cold sand between my toes, M. Ward Chinese Translation, worn old book spines, chalkboards, the Tree That Owns Itself, pizza, grapefruit at midnight, piggyback rides, iPods, soft, loose button downs, secret college societies, rainy nights, boricha, used book stores, berries and whipped cream, downward dog when I can get my heels on the mat, running through a forest, swing beats, brick roads, Christmas lights, reluctant smiles, sitting net to the bathtub hearing the running water, cherries from the tree, drizzle, farmers markets, A Prairie Home Companion, caramelized tomatoes on warm baguettes, coffee, not working, white teeth, waking up early, flowers, Nerds Rope, being right, J. Crew, tall trees, pockets, swimming, cold Coke from a can, hand written notes, feathers, Yann Tiersen, sun sun sun.

Yes, I realize it’s a lot of food. I wonder what that says about me? There are so many more; I’ve taken to making a list every night before bed. Maybe I’ll add to it online another time.


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