speak kind to a stranger

Let’s talk Greek life for a minute. True friendship is a rare thing. As you all have probably gathered, I am a military kid. Army brat, if  you want to be specific, but I really do hate that term. I have had to uproot my life over and over again throughout my childhood, leaving best friends and trying to figure out how to adapt to a brand new culture. I am a pretty quiet person, and finding friends that I felt a strong connection with has always been a bit of an issue. But I must have gotten lucky over the years because I’ve managed to accumulate a mix of soul mates over the years who are now scattered across the globe. Coming to college, though, I decided that I wanted to guarantee a way to meet a group of friends. I know now that there’s no way to guarantee that, but I signed up for rush regardless. Even on the last day of rush, prefs, I wasn’t sure if I was the “sorority girl” type, but the thought of a group of girls who all wanted me was just…amazing.

On Bid Day, I’ll admit that I didn’t know what I had gotten myself into. I stood on that sidewalk and stared up the hill at a colorful mass of a hundred screaming girls. I didn’t know how I would ever feel comfortable in this group of strangers.

The next day, my big took me to Two Story Coffeehouse to meet my future best friends, Katherine and Margaret.

Sometimes I look at other sororities and wonder what it would have been like if I had gone there instead. I’m sure I would have been happy, but I would never trade the love that I’ve found here. After my lonely high school years, I am thankful every day to have found even one girl here who will place my well-being over her own happiness. I can honestly say that I haven’t felt this strongly about someone in a long time. It’s the kind of finish-each-others-sentences love that people pursue for years.

Finally, a word to all of you high school seniors. If you’re thinking about rushing, go for it. Greek life is what you make of it. I’ll admit, there can be an undesirable element to it. Girls can be shallow and catty, and a lot of people simply live their lives consumed in all that is Greek and all they can do to seem more Greek to others. If you go through rush, don’t pay any attention to websites like greekrank.com and collegeacb.com. They post arbitrary rankings of how “cool” each house is. Strangely, the houses that were placed at the top were the ones where I felt the conversation was most vapid and shallow.

But, to each her own. I only wrote this post as a testament to the small bit of legendary sisterhood I still feel when walking into chapter, exchanging passwords and repeating rituals that have been passed down for almost 150 years.


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