For Cynthia

I just spent a good hour compiling this playlist for my friend, Cynthia. It’s my mood lately in ten songs. I know, it’s really darn short.

I used to love making mixes for people so much. It seemed to me that so much could be communicated by trading cds with someone you care about and I found so much joy in pairing the perfect songs together for the exact intended effect. My cds have become like photo albums for me; all I have to do is pop an oldie into the cd player and suddenly I’m a junior in high school again, experiencing a brand new type of freedom and relishing every moment.

God, here I am gushing about mixed cds. How cliché. But if there is one thing about this summer I’m excited for, it’s the cds in the car. I’ll be back with my huge binder of them and they’ll keep me perfect company on those long, warm days.

PS- Dear Friends, please make me mixes to bring to Hawaii. I know I’ve bugged you all enough, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to nag a bit more.


One response to “mixies.

  1. I’ve already started on your mix today. No worries :)

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