happy verson 2.0

It would be so easy to get bogged down in negativity right now. I let myself wallow for a tiny bit, but it’s time for me to stop it now. There is no way I will be productive if I stayed down.

So, I present to you, my readers, The Second List of Cheerful Things: 

Tagliolini Pomodoro, North Shore, hummus, “oh my goodness, me too!”, waking up naturally before 10 am, feeling good on a long run, Burt’s Bees, the foam at the top of a latte, realizing that I can get cappuccinos with twice the foam, high heels, You’ve Got Mail, the sound of keys typing, old bricks walls with plants creeping up the gaps, running into sweet acquaintances, Tom Petty, endings are actually okay, closure, new adventures, accomplishment, realizing that there’s more to the world than your narrow view can presently offer, Dancer’s Pose (when I can actually do it), old pictures, reunions, iced green tea that’s gone in a second, hiding inside when it’s raining outside, new nail polish, dresses with pockets, tan lines tan lines tan lines, sunscreen, sandy toes, sandy food, sandy floors, sandy everything, pages and pages of paper filled with my handwriting, Sofia Coppola, humidity, lying in driveways on summer nights feeling like you’re about to fall off the Earth, panang curry mushed into rice, Thai iced coffee, crispy tofu that’s creamy on the inside, peanut sauce, kimbap, musubi, Pho. Can you tell that I’m hungry?


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