Jet lag.

It’s a symptom of time travel and I’ve got it. It’s strange, I feel so transplanted right now. I spent all of yesterday (all 24 hours) travelling from Atlanta to Seattle to Honolulu, finally settling in my bed in Ewa Beach. But while my physical body is here, in Hawaii, I seem to have left another part of myself back in Georgia. That other part is continuing to live out daily routines on my old schedule in the Eastern time zone as if it is blissfully unaware of my apparent relocation. My body is in denial. That’s what it is. It’s midday here in Hawaii but I just want to go to sleep now because it’s almost ten o’clock at night in Georgia.

It’s strange because jet lag is so mental. When I moved back to Georgia last summer, I had one day to adjust to the time change before rush started and I can honestly say that on that trip I was a woman on a mission to keep my mind and body together in one package. I can’t remember feeling any effects from the time change on that trip.

But it’s summer. I just want to be lazy and have plenty to complain about.

I wish I had a hammock. I’ve always wanted one. One day I’ll have one.

I have so much free time right now. My sister is doing her homework and what am I doing with my free time? I worked out earlier this morning, so God forbid I work out a second time. I could read but to be honest, I’m a little bit afraid that I’ll fall asleep. So I’ll waste my life and day on the computer. What else is new?


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