Facebook makes breaking up really, really difficult. Social media sites are meant to bring us all closer and I guess that’s what they’re doing. They draw us into the inner circles of our closest (and not so close) friends’ lives. We revel in the intersecting spheres of those we care the most about; our lives become each other and we don’t mind it one bit. Nevermind that there is a whole world of people and possibilities just outside our realm of acknowledgment. In these fleeting moments no one else matters at all.

Until you get a glimpse of what that outside atmosphere looks like. And suddenly, different doesn’t look so bad. It’s scary to take that first step out but it becomes easier. And you’re fine for days until the dreaded News Feed publishes one thing posted by that one person you least want to hear from. The one person who has the power to draw you back to the circle, the one person who makes you wish for the past again. When you look at it comparatively, the now is so much better than the then. If it’s so much better, why do you crave it? You crave comfort. You crave stability. You crave security. But you’ll never create new supports in a structure if you don’t first expose weak parts.

I really wish I could just hide in my bed for the rest of the summer. Pretend I don’t ever have to face reality and eat all the salt and vinegar chips I want. But this is the price you pay for sweet independence. There are consequences to freedom and I’d say that the benefits are definitely worth any bit of loneliness or helplessness or fear that I am feeling right now. We mope. We wallow. We take a breath. And we proceed.


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