In advance, I apologize to my tumblr followers reading this — it’s kind of a watered- down repeat of my post from last week. 

My birthday is on Thursday — I’m turning 20! I figured I’d write out my birthday post tonight since I don’t have much going on. There’s no telling what it’ll be like on Thursday down in St. Simons. Every year I write a list of the things I’d done in the last year that I never thought I would ever do. Things that I couldn’t have even predicted doing. It’s usually in my journal but I figured I could post it to the internet this year, just for fun. It’s kind of nice to look back on the things I’ve done and try to imagine what the next year will be like, only to know for sure that my expectations will be succeeded.

On the night I turned 19, I was at Snelling with my current roommate, Margaret, freaking out about aging. If I could, I would write myself a letter from the future saying that everything would be okay. That it would be great — there’s nothing to worry about. Just look at all the great things you’ll do.

  • Get a Kindle. Have a hard time accepting that the age of books might be over. Continue buying used books off of amazon.
  • Date a boy for six months who is kind of…wrong for you. Realize this one night at a party and fall apart. It will be okay, I swear. You learned a lot from that.
  • Get a little sister in the sorority during your freshman year. Surprise!
  • Fall in love with women’s studies during your intro class spring semester.
  • Spend six weeks in Hawaii over the summer — beach days, beach nights, sushi, summer drives, good music, s’mores. Perfection.
  • Spend two of those weeks with your best friend. Reunite after five years and get a speeding ticket with her. Introduce her to your childhood home.
  • Spend six weeks in Athens. Become crazily independent because you have to, with no car. Meet people, work a job with awful hours, and cook great food.
  • Ride your bike up Lumpkin. That’s a tough hill but one day you just decided to do it, and you did.
  • Decide to run a half marathon. Buy new running shoes and run every day for the next 13 weeks. Well, almost every day. Sort of. I ran almost 200 miles.
  • Move into Pi Beta Phi. Meet some amazing, amazing people there.
  • Take the diversity beat for the newspaper. Write 24 stories in your first two months back. Makes tons of money. Make friends on staff. Burn out a little bit.
  • Go see Bright Eyes at the Georgia Theatre instead of going to the Braves Date Night. Don’t regret it for a single moment.
  • Get an amazing new job. Quit the stinky sandwich job.
  • MEET IRA GLASS. Shake his hand. Tell him you want to be the robot on the coffee mug. Maybe he’ll remember me. HAHA, I flatter myself.
  • Go house shopping — Adventures in Adulthood Part One of 193027.
  • Figure out what you need to do with the next two and a half years. I don’t want to be any more specific than that, right now. Just know that I have some pretty awesome plans for myself.
  • Realize, after twenty years, that your mom is actually a spectacular woman.
  • Become okay with turning 20. Look forward to it, even. That’s a pretty significant change from last year when turning 19 was a huge crisis.
  • Come to terms with who you were in high school, what you wanted in high school, and who you are now. Try to reconcile the differences between who you are and who you were. Maybe some things can carry over.
  • Run a half marathon! (Today!)
There you have it. My nineteenth year. Sorry I don’t have pictures. I probably have pictures to document all of these but I don’t have the time nor the willpower to search through my external hard drive for everything. It’s been a great year.

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