how i survived new years-

Happy 2012, everyone! This new year marks the beginning of my second calendar year inhabiting this lovely corner of the internet. I’ll admit I’ve been a bit awol lately, but I’ll have you know that every day I go without posting on my blog is a day that I am tormented by a little nagging child tugging on the hem of my dress whispering, “Alex. Alex! Remember me? Why don’t you play with me more?”

I’ll spare you my WordPress “2011 in Review” analytics because they’re just plain depressing.

So hi. I am giving you some attention. You all know how I feel about New Years so I’ll just skip over that rant. This year though, anticipating the not-so-sudden bought of depression that was sure to rear its head in my quite little life, I decided to avoid the concept of New Years altogether.  I admit it was rather difficult because the radio station would incessantly play an obnoxious advertisement for the “biggest party in Hawaii” at the Aloha Tower — even though LMFAO songs were playing behind the guy screaming this at me, both of which are absolute repellant.

Since I was pretending it wasn’t New Years Eve, I didn’t even try the annual logic-war with my mom in which I try to persuade her to allow me out just until midnight so I wouldn’t feel like I am missing out on anything important. Nope, this year I stayed home and pretended nothing was happening. Things went on that night, I’m sure. I have the text messages in my phone to prove it. But I’d imagine the events were probably akin to that LMFAO CRAZY PARTY ALOHA TOWER advertisement. Headache.

Here’s what I did instead:

I finished this book-

Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly by Anthony Bourdain

I learned never to eat Sunday buffets and to always be nice to your waiters. And your chefs. And basically everyone in the food industry.

I made cupcakes-

Chocolate with mint marshmallow creme frosting. Recipe found here (#8). They were delicious.

I knit a scarf-

(loving that color)

Actually, the lighting in my room made the picture turn out funny. Trust me, it’s a nice color.

I watched Mean Girls-

(Tumblr really, really loves this movie, by the way.)

I had a productive not-New Years Eve and went to bed at 10. I’m actually a grandma.

But on the bright side, there was no sadness and no disappointment, which is more than I can say for the majority of New Years Eves I have had.


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