My name is Alex Laughlin. I am twenty years old at the University of Georgia — anthropology major and a women’s studies minor.

I spend a ton of time at the Red & Black doing journalist-ish things and I am a nonfiction editor for Mandala Journal. I want to be Ira Glass when I grow up. I’m willing to compromise, but only a bit.

I am obsessed with:

– Blank notebooks.
– Actually, books in any form.
– Storytelling
– To-do lists
Any lists
– Gritty old buildings
– Kate Spade
– Food — think Ratatouille
– Public radio. The times I have cried to public radio is almost embarrassing.

I do two main things on this blog:

– I take the ugliest parts of my life and polish them up, making them seem pretty and usable again. I’ve found that beauty is only perception and I can trick myself into thinking I’ve learned from hard times by fashioning the past into something romantic.
– I rant about things I wish I could change. Unfortunately, I seem to have been born without a filter to tell me what is and isn’t right to say.

I have always fancied myself a bit of a rebel. Maybe there’s just a small part of me that believes I can influence the world by wielding the only weapon I know how to use — words.

Let’s be friends.


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  2. It was pleasure meeting at 50 th Desegeration Ceremony back in Early January.

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