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a music post

So normally, I post a song at a time whenever I blog. Usually it’s a song that applies to the post in some way. Maybe it inspired my post. Maybe its lyrics can describe my feelings better than I can. Maybe I just happen to be obsessed with the song at the time.

Today my friend Cynthia asked me to make her a playlist and what a coincidence — I’ve been putting this playlist together on Spotify for a couple of weeks! Sorry to disappoint though, it’s mostly full of throwbacks to those high school days when we explored music for the sake of finding a new “favorite” band no one had heard of. Apparently some of them stuck.

I’m more excited because this is the first time I’m posting a Spotify playlist to my blog. Let’s see how well this works out. Maybe this could become a thing.

PS – if you don’t have Spotify yet, download it! It’s great. Really. You can integrate your iTunes library and the universe’s library all in your computer! You know what that means… no more going to Youtube to sample new songs.


what i’ve been up to:

Today is the third and new years resolutions are being made left and right. I realized recently that I see my birthdays and beginnings of school years in the same way that people see New Years. And I have enough resolutions for now, I think. But I can’t discard that fresh, clean, brand new feeling that comes with a writing a new year by hand at the top of a journal entry.

     So in this new year, I hope to bring more beauty into my life.

I hope to be more organized and more conscious of where my thoughts wander to and what that wandering does for my sanity and happiness.

I’ve set a limit of 45 minutes a day for social networking (oh dear) and I predict my Self Control app will become my best friend and my worst enemy in the coming months. The limit is to keep myself from fixating too much on what other people are doing with their lives and wasting time scrolling blankly through my Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest dashboards.

I’m thinking of training for another half marathon this summer. It seems to be the only way I can actually stay in shape.

I set a food and coffee budget for myself. No more impulse Two Story stops.

I will write down something I’m grateful for, every day.

I will learn something new each day, even if it is simply a new word from the dictionary.

I will organize my things every night!

I know, these sound an awful lot like resolutions, don’t they? Well, they’re actually stolen from this list, which my friend Amanda sent to me last summer. 100 days from my starting date will be April 11. Maybe I’ll improve my life a little at a time.

In Other News, Here Is A List Of What I Am Currently Up To

– Being ridiculously vain and playing with my chopped off hair every second my hands are free. And even when they aren’t. It’s amazing I didn’t dedicate an entire blog post to it.

Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy

– It’s been on my kindle for a year now. It’s about time.

(That’s Ingrid Michaelson)

– I like how sweet she sounds, like all of her songs are the secret things all girls think while in their rooms strumming a guitar absentmindedly. She just makes it sound prettier. I particularly like The Chain. I like all the voices.

Run Happy.

– I’m missing that new shoe feel. I can’t consider training for another crazy half marathon without new running shoes! :)

There’s not a whole lot going on right now. I leave for Georgia in two days now and then the craziness will pick right up again.

Hopefully by then, I will only need one cup of coffee to get through my day.

considering musical effects.

I’m sitting in a coffee shop studying for midterms. Normally I’d plug my ear buds in but it’s quiet today and I feel like listening to the overhead music and eavesdropping on baristas’ conversations. Two guys talking about knitting rugs for their houses. It’s really cute, and it’s a little reassuring that there are at least two men right in front of me who aren’t so obsessed with fitting gender roles that they can comfortably knit a green cap behind the coffee bar. A tree across the street is red at its tips; all the other trees around it are still green but this one tree announces that my favorite season of the year is almost here.  Every year I feel older in the fall, although by the time spring rolls around I look back at my naïve fall-time self and chuckle at how hopeful I was.

The music is really nice right now though. I’m not sure what’s playing – it sounds like Band of Horses. It’s a methodic, sad guitar, fingers floating over the frets propelled by mostly love, though it’s sad. The song is about an alluring girl, one that couldn’t be touched, couldn’t be reached. When they were needed most, the words stumbled out of his lips but fell straight to the floor and they never reached her. She never knew.  But these words are attached to notes that lift them up. They float through the air even now, even years after the fire that fueled the composition has dampened. The notes still float around, and they’ve traveled. They’ve traveled all the way to Athens where they fall on my ears – ears that weren’t the intended audience but on which the music has the intended effect anyway. Feelings are fleeting, especially the specifics, but the results of creative endeavors that emerge from meditation on those feelings – they last forever. They last as long as there is an audience to receive them.


“Believe” by Cher

The message of this song is pretty bitter: some chick gets screwed over by this guy she’s in love with and she’s trying to find herself in the aftermath. And I’ll admit, Cher kind of scares me. Her deep voice has always thrown me off and she’s so tall and her hair is so long.. I wouldn’t want to run into her in a dark alley.

Unless she was singing this song.

Because despite of how bitter this song is, and how scary Cher is, this song makes me so so SO happy. I can’t help wanting to turn this song onto full volume and dance wildly whenever I hear this. I’m not exaggerating. Sometimes I wish that I could just bury myself in songs like this. The scene of the club with the flashing lights in the video is exactly where I want to be. Inside this song.
It’s kind of ironic, I think, that the song’s meaning is so different from the way it makes me feel. I wonder why?
But I like it, man. So put on some headphones right now and turn that volume up to full and try not to move.

the only kind of vampire i like.

“I Stand Corrected” by Vampire Weekend

This is best enjoyed when listened to with headphones or when driving down a long road with the windows down. Your choice.

A Current Obsession.

I can’t figure out how to post audio on here. But, here’s “Dylan in the Movies” by Belle and Sebastian. I’ve been enjoying them very much.